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I have the same weight goal as you and I have also had difficulty maintaining when I have gotten close to it. Hopefully we can help each other. You have some serious momentum going. I don't work out as much as you, but maybe that will have to change. I've been trying to stay under 2000 calories/day. It's been tough, but I feel better when I exercise discipline. i think i'm getting some momentum going too. just a couple weeks, but more than i've put together in a long time. i've heard it takes 30 days to establish a habit. i am at least going to go that far even if i do have a slip up like last night. i really can see myself doing it this time, so i actually believe it.
Originally Posted by mchedester View Post

Another thing, are you hungry all day? I am hungry all day when I keep my calories low. What about you? Any tips for managing hunger? And please don't tell me to eat a lot of protein for breakfast. No matter how I spread out 1500-2000 calories, I'm still hungry.
You CAN do it, really.

First, as to the over-cal day you had, it really doesn't matter. I have one day a month figured into my plan that I take "off". I log what I eat, but with no calorie limit. Yesterday was my day--I had over 3K calories, including a 6 pack of beer. Today, I'm right back on my 1500 cals.

I think the "day off" is a good idea--you are planning on it, it is not "cheating". You record the calories and it is figured into your average. You are also not faced with the "I'll never be able to eat (insert your favorite food here) again" type thinking. You think "I've been good all month, today, and today only, I will go significatly over my usual limit".

It's funny, even on my day off, I have no compulsion to eat junk like sweets or bakery items (my old nemesis--I was a raving carb freak) nor really go overboard. And suprisingly, I enjoy my "day off" less and less. Even the beer was a dissapointment and I do like beer. I feel much better today with, at this point, 400 good calories in me.

Now, as to feeling hungry--I really seldom am hungry to the point of distress. Having on a couple of occasions taken in 0 calories for 30 days at a time, I know what real hunger is all about.

The way I spread out my 1500 calories really keeps me satisfied most of the time. About the only times it doesn't is if I'm bored and have perhaps used up my calories too early in the day.

On work days I eat 300 cals (usually 1/2 cup egg beaters, 2oz steak and 2 slices lite whole wheat bread w/real butter) for breakfast, 100 (fruit)around 9:00, 300 at 11:30 and the last 800 around 5:30 to 6:00 and go to bed around 8 or 9.

On weekends I usually eat a big brunch around 10-11, usually a couple eggs, bacon and toast. I'll have an afternoon snack, then again, the rest of my cals around supper time.

I do drink a big glass or two of water before my meals, which really helps.

I really don't exercise as much as I should--just the 1.3 mile walk at lunch time on work days, the WiiFit for half an hour or so on Saturday and some house/yard work on Sundays. I DO need to start lifting, but haven't done it yet.

This is what works for me. It may very well be that you can't live on the lower cals and that's fine but your losses may come more slowly. I would take a hard look at what you're eating in those 2K cals--are their any "empty" calories there? If so, you might consider cutting them back. Just a suggestion.


PS I still weigh about 70 pounds more than you, so my body burns more than yours just to keep me breathing. With my "lifestyle" and exercise, I figure around 3000 cals a day. I am losing, on average, a bit over 2lbs a week with my 1500 cal intake limit. If I ate 2K a day, I would expect the losses to really slow up, for what that's worth. I suspect that eventually my maintainance level will be somewhere around 2K cals a day.
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