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Originally Posted by mchedester View Post

Another thing, are you hungry all day? I am hungry all day when I keep my calories low. What about you? Any tips for managing hunger? And please don't tell me to eat a lot of protein for breakfast. No matter how I spread out 1500-2000 calories, I'm still hungry.
I find that increasing my activity works better than cutting my calories too low. I can't handle hunger. Hunger does not seem to increase with increased activities - in fact I find I'm less hungry on those days.

Weekends are always hard. I overate at a lunch buffet yesterday, however it was at 3 pm. so I was able to avoid food for the rest of the day and my calories were likely only 2-300 more than usual.

Getting back on is track is so important. Knowing that you are going to lapse and having a plan to deal with that helps.

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