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Just curious as to thoughts on that 'all or nothing' thinking. I've always thought it was important to understand personal motivations/orientations to food and I am definintely an all or nothing kind of eater. I don't have a problem saying no to sweets and such, but once I get a taste, I don't know how to keep portions in control. I'm aware this could set me up for binging (and has in the past), but I have yet to find a better way to handle my problem. I had read a book a while ago, something like "7 secrets of naturally skinny people" that talked a lot about learning to eat more actively, and yet letting go of any regrets if you do have a bit too much...basically cutting out the guilt. It was an eye-opening read for me if anyone is interested.

Anyway, Mike, to address your question about being so hungry...I personally find a little carb with my protein is much more satiatiating. For instance, my usual weeekend breakfast consists of two egg whites and veggies (usually mushrooms and spinach). It's basically protein on top of protein. On the side I usually have either fruit or yogurt. I found, however, that I would be hungry within an hour or so of eating it, but when I add a slice of whole wheat toast, I stay full a lot longer. Since such a realization, I try to keep my snacks and meals a nice balance of protein, veg/fruit, and carb with maybe a little added dairy. The more complete, the longer I stay full.
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