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Originally Posted by vabeachgirlNYC View Post
I try to buy whole organic unprocessed foods so I don't have to worry about having a reaction iodine or to possible "traces" of nuts, plus it taste better and is healthier. I also look for the label "does not process nuts or use shared equipment/facilities". If I don't know what is in something I won't eat it.
I eat some dairy for fat and protein, but not from farms that feed iodine fortified soil, feed to their animals. I get other protein from fruit, veggies, grains, soy and plants. I do not take any supplements or protein powders.

According to the ADA and RDA I get more then my minimum requirement. I also lift pretty heavy and according to my muscles I get plenty!

ETA: I carry my allergy meds with me 24/7 just in case. It's hard to avoid accidental reactions no matter how careful you are. Plus as much as I hate to say it and as much as it pisses me off, people lie or think you are just being picky so I have had reactions in restaurants, etc.
We had our own laying hens for a while, but I kept having reactions. I found out that the landlord at our farm was feeding scraps to the chickens and wonder whether there were some nuts involved. Now I buy eggs from the store.

I looked at your food intake on another thread and see that you do get more than your daily requirements. Soy is an ingredient that I avoid as much as possible in our house, just in case my granddaughter ends up visiting. It is much easier to just keep it out of the house than to clean up every time she comes over.

I avoid restaurants, to the point that I carry a car oven in the van so I can cook while driving long distance. But if I have to, the epi-pen comes right out on the table so the server gets an eyeful of what could happen.

I used to work out at a public gym but kept breakig out in hives on my hands. I had to wear gloves because other patrons, and trainers, would snack on nuts and not wash their hands.

My granddaughter is also gluten free and I actually like her food, but there are very few flours that don't have possible traces. There is a grinding company near here where you can place special orders, I have been meaning to go in and talk to them personally.

You start getting the hang of when people are lying.

Oh, I have a young friend who is going into baking classes in college. She was thoughtful enough to bake me some nut-free muffins. I didn't have the heart to explain cross contamination to her, besides the fact that she used dried apricots and most packages say "may contain" on them. My husband ate them. We haven't kissed in years, so its ok.
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