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Glad this thread is here - I've been tracking myself for this week so far, and I'm amazed at what the site tells me that I should be having each day (according to the bar, 4,842 calories. Yeeek!) In a typical day, I'm ratcheting up only 2100 or so, and that's just going off of last night's. There was pizza, and I ended up having more than I wanted to, but I recorded every slice and I still came up short (2100). I'm 6'3" and my last weigh in November was 422 (I haven't been back since, and I only started tracking this week, exercising last week and this week). I feel a little low on energy around 3-5pm, but that's always been the case for me. I've figured out that if I add a half can of refried (low or no fat) beans right around that time, I can make it to 7-8 pm for dinner without any issues.

I've never been really active, and I like "the good stuff" (as in, healthy) so that'll help me in the long term. To say this will be easy is only fooling myself, just trying to keep it as real as I can.

Edit - if I use the calculator at that site that cjohnson728 posted (I have had it BM'd for a while actually!) it shows I need to be at 4082 a day, or 3378 for extreme loss. Ugh. I can see how folks are confused, so am I.
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