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Originally Posted by schlemoc View Post
I have to get on a routine of alternating weight training. I plan on cardio every day, just need to get a routine for lifting. I'll probably add squats to the afterwork out just to utilize the burn. my cousins routine is squat/bench/row, then the next day do squat/overhead press/deadlift at a 5 x 5 schedule.
IMO doing squats 2 days in a row is crazy. I also would do squats the same day as deadlifts.

Originally Posted by schlemoc View Post
I understand that. I only do cardio every day. I focus on doing 1,000 calories minimum daily of cardio. That's the only constant. Tomorrow I'm going to give my cardio a rest and do a full body workout. I only ever lift til exertion on particular days. Otherwise I do lower weight wtih higher reps. My friend also suggested I continue to do that, because I am not looking to bulk up at the moment, but tone up. It was tough getting to the gym today... weekends are killers on motivation for me.
what are you doing, like 2 hrs a day of cardio? If so, why?
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