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Originally Posted by Shylove911 View Post
Honestly if you're taking a prenatal vitamin and extra calcium you can live off of almost nothing. You might just be retaining water, or plateauing which is normal. I went from 140 to 130 in a week, then stayed at 130 for two weeks, FINALLY I lost another lb. Your body is just saying "Hell no I won't go!" lol.
Please don't starve yourself or listen to people who claim to lose 7% of their body weight in a week. You won't even see the largest of the "biggest losers" doing that.

A 4 pound weight loss may be quite a lot depending on where you started. Sometimes our bodies hang on after big weight loss week. I am not familiar with the diet you are following, but provided that you have already determined that it is a healthy diet to follow, give it another month and see what happens.

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