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Congratulations on losing 60 pounds!
My husband and I did WW and had lots of success with it.
I think it is a very good program. I also think the support and accountability is extremely valuable. Some say it is a little expensive, but honestly, I would not agree with that.
The only negative in my opinion, is that they should probably be more forthright about how it is best to greatly limit sweets, packaged foods, and other items known to be unhealthy.
True, natural foods are going to be less points. But, when I was involved, this was not usually emphasized.
I noticed that some people could on their own or perhaps in combination/conjunction with advice from their doctor, etc. make a personal decision to avoid unhealthy foods AND use the WW program. These folks had the best success all around....losing weight, enjoying great health AND keeping it off.
I'm not doing WW anymore, but I understand the new program is much better w/ reference to taking into consideration this type of thing. For example....fruits are 0 points...and most 'junk' food is very high in points....thus encouraging members to make better choices.
As I've gotten older (40+) I have noticed that they quality of my food has more influence than ever on weight loss. In my opinion it is not just quanity, but also quality.
Still think WW is a good program, but it is best to eat healthy foods, AVOID junk foods, and enjoy all that support and accountability.
Also think Fit Day is excellent. Provides some of the same the reports, etc.! Good luck CT!!! If the scale goes up...please don't hesitate to go back to WW. You can "tweek" it as appropriate...chosing the healthiest foods out there.
Wishing you success either way!!!!!
Hang in there!!!!!

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