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Default finding your zone

Hi All,

I am drinking coffee and wandering through the forums trying to pick up tidbits of advice; found one here about the book. I think I will order it this weekend.

I wanted to respond to Smthrn. For years I was in the same boat as you until I found the right combination of foods for my body. It didn't seem to matter how much I exercised or how low my calorie count was, the weight just hung on. One day in the grocery store as I was standing in line at the check out I saw one of those womens magazines with "lose ten pounds this month" on the cover. I thought why not, what did I have to lose besides 30 pounds.

What it suggested was to reduce your carbohydrate intake. Monitor your carbohydrate intake to 30grams for breakfast, 15grams for a snack, 30 for lunch another 15snack and 30 for dinner. I tried it and it wasn't difficult and was very surprised to find my clothes looser and me 3lbs lighter by the end of the week. (before trying that, it took me all summer to drop 3lbs that year and I was very physically active) It was a light-bulb moment. After that I started reading lots of books on low-carb dieting and on low-glycemic index foods. I tweaked my eating habits and had the weight off in no time! AND by learning what worked for my body KEPT it off for four years!

But, with a few stressful periods in my life; I lost track of myself as well as my eating and put most of it back on. So I am back here hoping that tracking my food intake will get me back on course to healthier eating and weight loss. I love reading the threads and seeing everyone's posts.

Oh yeah, I always gain weight the first week of working out. I think it is mostly water; your muscles are inflamed from the exercise and will adjust once they get used to the work.

I am also finding out that I think I have issues with gluten. I've noticed after I have not eaten bread in a while and then start, I end up with intestinal distress and a distended gut. NOT pretty.

Ok, well time for a 20 minute yoga workout and then to work. If anyone is interested, there are free downloads for yoga workouts at YogaDownload - Free Online Yoga Videos! Your top online yoga studio with the best Yoga Videos, Audio Yoga Classes, Meditation, Beginner Yoga, Advanced Yoga and more - stream or download. I like this site because the workouts are short and sweet and I can easily complete at either end of the day. They have everything from beginner to advanced. I always feel so good when I am done AND taller!

Have a great day everyone, stay warm. It is minus 26 here this morning.
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