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I've done some research on this subject. Here is what I found out.

Fat-soluble vitamins which include A, D, E, & K are stored in the liver, so your body doesn't need to be replenished with these vitamins every day. If you take an overload of these vitamins it can actually damage your liver.

Water-soluble vitams which include B-complex group and vitamin C are not stored in the body. Whatever the body doesn't use is eliminated thru your urine. These vitamins must be restored every day. The B-complex vitamins include the following:

thiamin (B1)
riboflavin (B2)
pantothenic acid

The average person gets enough of the fat-soluble vitamins in their daily diet. I would look at the lable on your multi-vitamin. If it includes much of the fat-soluble vitamins, I would not take it. You can always just take a B-complex supplement and a C supplement and forget the multi-vitamin.

Hope this helps.
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