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Originally Posted by lipperj View Post
Wanted to reply to offer ecouragement. I have found that by MAKING the time to enter your foods as you go, you really get a picture of what you are eating and how the percetages of carbs/protien/fat are ditributed. By seeing this, you can adjust as needed throughout the day. That is the gresatest benefit to tracking foods eaten with this tool. It really takes disciplin long term to track your foods. I know, because this is my first day back after a week off after tracking for a month and I can feel the difference in how I feel.
Stay the course. You will get to where you want.
Thanks for the encouragement, I agree. I went over to my fiance's family's house last night where the dinner of choice was Pizza from a carryout place. Fortunately I found out what each slice would "cost" me, and I entered them in, truthfully. There's no reason to cheat on the food input because in the end you're only cheating yourself.

It quickly became apparent to me after entering in food for the past two days that I have nothing to worry about in my intake. I even have room to grow, which is nice knowing how well I do already. I'm going to be discussing these trends with my doctor, probably next week when I have a good week's worth of data for her to pool over. Can't wait to see the look on her face when she sees that I've been tracking it this intricately. LOL.

Ooh gonna surprise a lot of people I think.
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