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Originally Posted by KingFeckless View Post
I think it is great that you have not given up on yourself and are working so hard. About elipticals, I used to run on these things for some time and even though they are certainly lower impact (especially on the knees) I used to get lower back problems from these things. Might be my back which isn't that good, but that were my experiences. I always thought lowest impact would be a training bike. Ever tried one of these?

(I am also amazed that the text recognition programm works so well and apparently also gets the punctuation right)
Well, at least I'm trying not to give up! I have to admit it does get discouraging sometimes, but I have a lot to be grateful for and I don't want to give up.

I'm a bit worried about the back pain, since my lower back and spine is now a real mess. I don't know what they can do when the spinal column degenerates to a certain point, but I guess I'll worry about that when I get to it. I've gone through worse, so I just try not to be concerned about the little things. I do know though that if I do the elliptical and it only causes worst pain that I probably won't be so likely to use it very much. I suppose I can always try it out. Thus far, I've only seen it on TV and seen people use it from a distance. It looked kind of fun, as far as exercise machines go!

This text recognition program is really pretty good. Interestingly, I have to actually say the punctuation marks that I want to use. It takes some getting used to. You also have to train the software to recognize your voice by going through a series of quote training exercises". See how that works? Yikes. But it's really useful. I think I like it, but the big problem with posting in this forum using voice recognition is that if my husband's home, he'll hear what I'm saying… Or writing, that is. And I'd rather not have him listen in. LOL

Thanks again for your welcome!
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