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Default What's for lunch?

Zumba was good. Lots of women with different body types; none of them the stick-figure-lean-muscle type! The instructor even had a belly roll! At first I thought she might be pregnant and just starting to show but decided by the end of the class it was just the middle age bulge starting in. I feel a little sore this morning so I know I must have worked some muscles! The instructor was less than inspiring, definitely not a born dancer, but I did meet some women and will go back again next week. Maybe I can encourage some of the women there to hoop and holler a little bit. I think that would make it more fun.

I think today I am going to have tuna salad and celery sticks for lunch with an apple and some nuts. I am starting to tire of my green salads for lunch. I saw a recipe for a green salad that used roasted acorn squash that I think I will try this weekend. It looked really yummy and I like squash. Maybe tonight I will pick up the makings for some mango salsa and grill some shrimp to go with it. If I can't travel to the tropics, at least I can eat like I am IN the tropics!

Bollywood dancing sounds so fun! Do it! do it! Then you can burn off that scone Well, I need to do some toning exercises and then get ready for work. Have a great day and just remember the only way to eat a sandwhich (or salad in my case) is one bite at a time. (I think that is my mantra for many things in my life)
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