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I've dropped down to a fluctuation between 230 and 235 depending on when I weigh myself. I have noticed an increase in muscle mass since I've changed my focus from strict cardio to increased weight lifting, which could be the reason the scale is not moving much.

I pay very close attention to what is going in each day. I closely monitor my foods on fitday and adjust accordingly. I'm still struggling at increasing my protein intake, but that should be changing soon since I'm picking up some bags of frozen chicken breasts on sale and spinach for lunch.

My problem with my cousin's routine is I need a spotter for most of them. I tend to work out solo, unless my friend shows up. That's been pretty steady, but can easily become a rarity. I'd like to get my hands on a nice workout routine that alternates target areas. Tonight I focused on chest and glutes before I did my cardio.

I am trying very hard not to take a day off, because I know if I take one day off, I'll have a hard time coming in the next. I'm all about routine. I actually stop at the gym every day after work to force myself to go. The weekends are rough because I have to go out of my way to go to the gym. So doing lifting one day, then cardio the next is not really an option. I've been switching up the cardio to work the muscles differently to keep from overworking them.

Any suggestions, as always, are welcome.
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