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welcome to FitDay Alicia! The switch went off for me on April 19th 2009 b/c I had a trip planned for Florida and I was tired of having to wear my shirt on the beach. I started off with a 3 month goal, I stayed commited and blew past it.

Support for me and many others here hasn't been great at times, I guess that's just the way it goes. I noticed that once I started feeling good about myself, others would knock me down about how I looked sick, I should quit losing weight, etc. It's great that you have a strong support group.

As far as feeling funny by working out in front of someone... I know how you feel. There were times when I was doing yoga, yes I said yoga, that was pretty rough. Picture it, fat guy, wearing shorts doing downward dog in the living room (ass way up in the air) and your daughter walks in the front door with her friends. It was rough, but I never let it stop me.

good luck and stick to it, you'll be glad you did. Oh don't forget to take before pics, NO MATTER HOW HARD IT MAY BE!
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