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Default Get it done, girl

Haven't posted in a few days... Yesterday was a rest day and the day before, I did some skiing for cardio. *shrugs* Feeling a bit blah... and there's not much reason to keep up these posts - except I thought they would help me. Right now I'm kinda wondering: why bother?

The wind chill has been a bummer for skiing. I cut Wednesday's trip out short by an hour because I was cold and wet. No fun, that. I've been feeling chilled ever since.

So, it's indoors for me until the wind dies down. Not thrilled, but it is what it is. Hope the snow lingers, so I can get back outdoors.

Weight training today and (boring) cardio on the treadmill. Just going through the motions - at least I have some new music to hopefully make it better. Morgan Page... great for walking at 4+ mph. Love his stuff.

66 days and 47 workouts to go
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