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What do you put in your coffee instead of milk? I heard that soya milk tends to curdle in hot drinks, but I have no experience with things like rice/almond/coconut milk. I am slowly weaning my family off meat, we eat way more of it than it's healthy, if there is no meat, it ain't main meal. I'm cooking a lot of vegetarian sausages, veggie mince, stir frys, I buy things like coleslaw and flavoured soya milk.
HankG, what if we start this new thing, like vegan Tuesdays would you be up to that? We would eat vegan on certain days of the week and then we could share experience and tips. TBH, I feel much better when my protein intake is around 70-80g a day, rather than at 130g like I have on days when I eat meat. It's surprising how much protein we get from other foods.
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