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Talking Excited! (slightly long you've been warned)

Good evening everyone. I hope your programs are going well and your happy with your acheivements no matter how small they may be.

So I have been watching the Biggest loser for the past 4 seasons plus the current one running. I remember last season I said to myself " I should really get serious about weight loss and start being more active" but week after week I wouldn't and Id just sit around watching biggest loser eating whatever at oh 8pm until 9 when the show was over then go to bed (talk about what not to do right!)

Well something clicked this new year and it really wasn't one of my new year resolutions to lose weight and be healthy it was actually to not fight and be more open with my husband but this was just something that was a long time coming. My sister in law has had a great success with this no sweets no soda diet and I figured that would be the perfect jump start to a new me.

So the very last weekend I actually joined up here on the 8th and that was the last Dr Pepper and last Creamy, candy bar I ate was that day and honestly so far I dont miss it. (all that can change of course but being hopeful here)

I let it be known at work that I was doing this so I could get some support at work as well as at home and on here. I figured the more support I have the better I will do this time. In the past I've always went about losing weight the wrong way and it never worked. Heck in High School I was on the Ballroom Team for all three years and I worked at Chuck E Cheeses and so I was always moving! But....I wasn't eating properly, had I been I may have lost weight back then rather than just staying at a steady weight...*sigh*

However, the past is the past and we can only learn from it and its better to learn than to dwell!

So anyway not only have I cut out the sweets and soda but I've been doing the walk a mile with Leslie Sansone Monday - Friday (friday i had to do it in front of my husband which for me was kind of nerve wrecking...who wants to see a big girl moving around like that..ugh)

So I've deemed Monday's my weigh in days. I weigh in in the early evening before I eat dinner. Well for my first week I've lost 3 pounds! OMG I was stoked let me tell you. I was so happy I decided to try the 2 mile walk and I got through it but when it was over is when I realized i should have done that BEFORE dinner......ya felt dizzy and felt like throwing up......So tonight of course i took it easy went back to the 1 mile and tomorrow i'll do the 2 mile again but before dinner.

I'm just praying that with all the support i'm getting .... home, Family, Friends, co-workers, and online that this program I will be able to stick to it and actually lose the weight i want to and to be able to keep it off rather than packing it back on as I've seen so many do.

But I'm ready for the change and all I can do is not dwell as to how much i must lose in total but to take it one day at a time and one week at a time to get me to the goal in a healthy way.

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