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I'm an architect, as is DH, so at least 6-12 times a year we have ribbon cuttings, grand openings, presentation ceremonies, etc etc, oh and let's not forget the annual Christmas party. IMO you can't go wrong with the little black dress (with or without a shrug, shawl, short sweater etc), sheer jet black hose, a fabulous pair of high heels (any color works so long as the shoes are stunning and comfortable), a couple of good pieces of real jewelry (parties require a hint of bling), a hint of eye make-up (mascara at a minimum) and some fantastic lipstick (if you're lost on the color, find a make-up counter at a department store and find an attendant near your own age to help you). And for perfume, spritz it in the air in front of you and then walk through it, you never get too much that way and it's evenly distributed. The little black dress is never under dressed, it's low key enough that it's never over the top, and it's something you can always wear again.
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