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I guess you don't want any help from the guys??

Believe it or not, some of us can look "put together" without having some one else dress us. Which reminds me, my daughter is 18 and she was telling me that she loves when I get her clothes for Christmas... not so much from her mom.

I would go with blouse and a jacket (you may be able to incorporate a cami with it since cleavage is a no-no) and probably a skirt. If you don't like skirts just wear a nice pair of dress pants. If you go with a skirt, try to keep it around knee length and make sure your legs are freshly shaven... even if wearing hose. Oh don't forget the heels, if you go with an open toe, make sure your toes look nice. If you are going with an open heel, make sure you have no dead dried up skin back there. As far as colors, I'd go dark on the jacket and bottoms, and maybe a little more colorful on the top. Go with what color looks good with either your skin tone or eyes, don't forget to make sure you and your hubby look like y'all belong together. Oh... it's okay to "accessorize" but don't get carried away, and try to wear a light perfume. That's just my .02 from the men's peanut gallery.

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