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Hello Debby, welcome to the forum. I was actually heavier than you when I started this, and probably shorter. You don't really say how tall you are or what you want/need to weigh, but you might want to check out some of the regular groups, there is a 15-20 pound thread and a couple of threads for 100+ pounds, one for ladies and one for both genders (you don't need to lose 100lbs to join, the overall number isn't important). You might also want to look in on the 7-Day motivational thread. That one is interesting because we all make a short list of goals for the week, and then try to report every day on our progress. The lists change, so you can take this whole lose-weight/get-healthy thing in baby steps. I highly recommend baby steps, instead of changing my life completely from one day to the next, I try and adopt healthy habits one at a time, so there is a better chance of them sticking over the long haul. The trick is to harness your stubborn nature for good instead of evil, right?
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