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Default newbie needing inspiration

My names Debby im 50 years old and weigh in at 218 lbs today.! I have recently had 2 heart attacks on the same day which has left me with chronic heart failure...some days i can bearly get out of bed and other days i feel like i can run a marathon ( i never could before so i dont really think i can now lol!!!) I really need to get my weight down for health reasons but i am my own worse enemy if someone says dont i do!!
I also need a regime that i can stick to without causing me anymore harm...
I can not do exercises other than the walking i do everyday now as given by my cardiologist i also suffer from hardening muscles which make it difficult for me to move around though before my HAs i was working as an assistant manager in a shop and was very active so not being able to move depresses me so much which results in overeating you know the ropes lol... I just need buddies to egg me on thank you xxxx
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