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Default back on the band wagon

Lizzie, don't focus on your diet mis-step, just pick up where you left off. After a few weeks of success with your new dietary changes it will become habit and then it will be much harder to fall victim to that dastardly Chinese food.

This week I have been successful; I won the challenge with my boy-toy. Thank goodness because after all the trash-talking I was doing I am sure I would have never heard the end of my loss. I took off 4.4 pounds (he took off 2.9). To celebrate we are going to eat Indian food. Which for me means tandoori chicken, salads and maybe a little chicken tika masala. (No naan or rice or pakoras, boo hiss).

I've discovered I like cottage cheese with blackberries, pumpkin seed and just a little bit of granola for crunch and sweetness. Its filling and filled with protein and antioxidants.

Ok, time to hit the shower. Have a good Sunday!
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