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Yes I have yogurts and meat substitutes etc in my diet already but just need an added boost of protein without increasing carb/fat/calorie intakes too much.

I got both soy and whey powders. The soy I got is natural flavor so tastes a bit like soy milk which isn't great but can add own flavors. It is good for adding to food you are already eating such as oatmeal and soups to give it an extra punch of protein. It can be difficult to mix though and needs a blender to mix properly.

I got a strawberry flavored whey powder which seems to mix easier and tastes quite good, surprisingly. I mixed it today with greek yogurt and served over fresh fruit, it was yummy. It is a nice one to have after a workout mixed with milk to give a protein boost without sabotaging the rest of your intakes. I'm finding this very useful for keeping my appetite at bay too.
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