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sorry, i can't figure out how to reply individually! the race is May 15th it is the Cleveland Marathon. I have been training since Dec 26th, and let me assure you it is cold out there! My pace is slightly slower due to the snow, but today i did 1:18 minutes and 7 miles. I admit i love the silence of running in the snow. I am happy to report i lost another 2 pounds, but I struggle because i am 30 pounds overweight; although with my 8 pounds weight loss I am now out of the obese category! I know it takes time, I am glad to hear of other overweight runners, because i alway feel people are looking at me surprised that I can run! thanks for your advice and what do you guys think of Energy Gu--do you eat during the marathon----I know when i ran the half i didn't drink until the 8 and then they gave me gu at the 12---just curious if i should train with the stuff? any other advice i'll take it
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