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Originally Posted by Kathy13118 View Post
I never count on a databse to supply the foods I'm eating. The nutrition information is on the box or the package or the bottle or whatever. Make a custom food entry for the food when you eat it.

It will be there in the custom data base for you. You can also look at 'recent foods' if you want to look at your food history and find it.

Really, I don't think you're being too fussy or criticial. You're just expecting a whole hell of a lot out of a database that is free to begin with and as accurate as time permits. Here's a perfect example: I know there's a fast food fish sandwich somewhere in the database. But I always eat McD's fish fillet. So I put that nutrition information (from McD's nutrition on their website) in my custom foods. Guess what? I realized lately that McD's has changed the nutrition information - the sandwich is now lower in calories and fat. Great. I know that I ALWAYS have to look and double check foods. It makes sense. Do you think the company that produces generic tomato soup at my supermarket is going to bother to tell fitday if they change their sugar content?

I used EAS products and have them in my custom foods. I STILL look at the nutrition panel to see the information and check it with what I have online.
very true. Also most restaurants like McD's have their nutrition info online in .pdf form, you can just save it to your computer as a handy guide.
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