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Cool The new guy. :)

Hi guys, just found FitDay today, thought I'd take a moment to stop and post.

I started on a new regime last week, finally getting around to renewing the membership at the Y, and have been going since then.

I'm 6'3", and I think the last weigh at my doctor's office put me at around 425-445. I don't recall, it was early December. Edit - I'm 29, btw.

The main obstacles to my getting traction with this have been my job - working from home is great, but I miss the job I had prior to this where I was running around all day. I could see it in the mirror in my face - while I don't have a face that is common to what I see on other "big guys" it does have more to it than I'd like.

I've never really had a problem eating right - I love the things folks gross out on - greens, soy, (including plain soy milk) whole wheat, etc. I don't drink often (rarely) and I limit fast food mainly because of finances, but it's not that good anyway, health-wise as we all know.

I am taking medication for a hypoactive thyroid, and a maintenance drug for my gout (I can keep it under control by not having too much sugar, as that's my trigger, but exercise will cause it to surface, thus the need for the maintenance drug), and I had a scare last year in July when I thought a problem in the chest was what everyone fears it could be - fortunately in my case it was just GERD. So I'm taking stuff for that too. Who knew getting old sucked so much?

Since I've been going to the Y, I've noticed coats fitting better, and a leather jacket I got for Xmas from my fiance's family & her now fits around my middle without me having to suck it in too much.

I briefly explored the option for the Lapband (gastric bypass isn't even something I'm willing to consider), but I really wanted to give this a try first because I've never really been fully active like I'm aspiring to be. I used to ride my mountain bike a lot when I was younger, but I still ate too much for what I was doing.

So with the wedding looming in a year or so, I'm trying to make it so that I don't need to have a suit / clothing specially tailored for me. The date is not permanently set, we've just got it set tentatively for June, 2011.

FitDay has shown me why it's working so far - I put in my past history for the last 2 weeks, and I can see exactly why things are working so far. I realize that as I lose weight, the activity will have to go up, but so far, the results are promising, and this site is going to help a whole lot more hopefully.

Also, if you've ever seen the article, or saw him on Good Morning America (I believe that is the one) Heath Smith is a friend of mine. His feedback has been crucial to getting me started.

See you guys in the threads.

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