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Default Holly, I agree - Where's the Pilates? Zumba? etc.

Ok - some of the posts asking for an update to the activities are over a year old! All of us who struggle with weight issues know that an exercise program is an important part of weight control and so is being able to track it. To keep it fresh you have to do new stuff and try new activities, So, where is the ability to add an activity? Anybody can get the calories for an hour of Zumba or Pilates with a simple Google search. At the least we should be able to add a custom acitvity that would allow us to adjust for the specific workout. (i.e. Zumba for an hour ranges from 400 - 600. Not feeling quite so energetic today - then use the lower number; high energy and totally "on" then use a higher number). Might be off a few, but vastly better than playing guessing games with the current choices! I am getting frustrated with this feature and I've only been using this site for several days.
I hope someone with responsibility for the site is listening. The site has many great features, but with a few tweaks could be awesome!
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