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I made a commitment to myself to post often, to bare my highs and lows, in the hope that it will keep me focused. Apparently today is the day that all of us who started our diets as new year resolutions falter so I'm determined to make this a good day.

Lows - usual long drive to and from work in rain - makes me want to reach for a sugary snack as soon as I get home, or a glass of wine. (didn't)

Highs - managed to get up off my rear and do 30 mins of treadmill walking at lunchtime. Also took a wholesome lunch in with me. Now I'm off to make dinner, it's filled wholewheat pasta with a tomato sauce and I have more than enough calories left to enjoy it with.

I make myself eat something for breakfast and I prefer a small lunch, but love my evening meal, I know that this is not the best pattern but there must be many of you who are the same, can this work or are we expected to change our habits drastically?

Thanks for listening
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