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Originally Posted by canary52 View Post

It's like another language. What is a snipping tool? What is an img?
I didn't know about the snipping tool... although it sounds a hell of a lot easier! Although, I have an ancient computer.

I went to the food log I wanted on fitday, then pressed the Print Screen/SysRq key (upper right hand corner near the insert key), then opened wordpad, then pressed CTRL and V at the same time (this will insert the image of your compuer screen at the time you pressed the Print screen key), then I saved that file as a webpage instead of rich text format (there's the place you name the file, and the formats for saving are in a drop box right below that).

THEN, I went to my photobucket account, uploaded the saved webpage file, cropped out everything except for the foodlog and saved the html address.

Come back here, quote reply, hit the insert image button up top, entered the saved html address from photobucket and Walah!

And as embarassing as it is, I'm SURE there's a quicker way but I don't know if my computer has the b*lls to do it.

Okay, I'm going to stop thinking about food and typing. <3
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