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Default So here I am . . .

I just joined the site today because I wanted a way to record my goals and track progress, and I thought I would pop into the forums. I reached my weight loss goals at the end of 2009, but this past year I found that losing weight is easier than maintaining the weight loss because it provides an obvious progression of goals and achievements.

My November of 2010, I was noticing a big difference in how my clothes fit, and I wasn't exercising with any kind of consistency. I started to clean up my eating, and I did manage to shed a few pounds, but I realized that I needed (1) ongoing goals that go beyond weight loss, and (2) a way to track progress which is what brought me here.

So here I am. I am currently within a few pounds of my target weight range, so I'm not as much concerned about weight loss as recompositon. I would like to lower my body fat and add some muscle. In order to do that, I've set the following goals.

*Establish a sustainable routine of exercise with an emphasis on core strength and weight training.

*Increase vegetables and beans in my diet to at least 3-4 servings per day.

*Limit fruit intake to a maximum of 2 servings per day and focus more on vegetables.

*Reduce the following in my diet: Cheese, processed foods, and dark chocolate. They are okay in moderation, but have become my staples.

*Drink lots of water and limit the Diet Coke to two cans per day. I am a Diet Coke fiend.

*Continue to try new foods, and new recipes. I didn't really learn to cook until I started trying to lose weight, and I was (and still am) a very picky eater, but I've been expanding my palate and trying new things. Along those lines, does anyone have any great bean recipes?
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