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QUOTE=vabeachgirlNYC;31715]I just used the snipping tool to copy my food and posted it as an img.
It's like another language. What is a snipping tool? What is an img?

I do use some convenience foods but less often now since I can make and freeze my own. I probably should have mentioned that a lot are actually custom foods, I just name some of them after the store version so I can find it easier on my foods list.
You rock, girl. Where the heck do you get custom foods?

I should log and post my next big reload cheat day. It would probably shock you!
Prolly be like one of my regular days! LOL

I want you to know this is the first time I figured out how to multi quote or whatever. Not the brighest techno bulb in the box I. But I am, all modesty aside, cute as a bug's ear. And I say this being neither young nor skinny.

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