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I am new on fitday also, and love how am able to keep track of what am eating. Today I went ahead and made myself public here. Even My WEIGHT!! Am embarrased by it, but so be it, what I weigh is what I weigh. Back in 2004 I had Gastric bypas, believe me, I tried all kinds of diets. This was my last resort. It was great, lost 175 pounds and got rid of lots of big clothes, cousins were thrilled about I have fallen off track and gained some weight back. The surgery is good as long as keep on track with what you eat. So I had this month decided to get back in track. I started on the 3rd, lol failed diet 101 errr BUT..BUT I restarted on Monday and have been doing great. Funny thing today though, I had two coworkers at different times offer me candy...I shook my head, said No thank, am on a diet. I am so motivated about this right now and I hope to continue. Good luck to everyone who had decided to become healthy/healthier and keep up the good work. Be positive and always remember you are doing this for YOURSELF and no one else!
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