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Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
I can't figure out how to transfer it the way you did. I am so computer illiterate it's not even funny. I tried hitting "control c" but it came out hard to read.

The thing I noticed about your diet is that it is low in calories and a bit heavy on the convenience veggie food. I love convenience food; I just have to be careful about the sugar and the sodium (not that I always am.) I also eat more calories and work out less than you do. Heavy sigh.

But tell how to post a day or more and I will. Time for Canary to come clean! I'm always asking others. And believe me, my diet varies from pretty good to crap. That title was a throwdown! JK LOL
I just used the snipping tool to copy my food and posted it as an img.

I do use some convenience foods but less often now since I can make and freeze my own. I probably should have mentioned that a lot are actually custom foods, I just name some of them after the store version so I can find it easier on my foods list.

I should log and post my next big reload cheat day. It would probably shock you!
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