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Default Here it goes...

Hey guys,
My story goes that I have always been overweight, from my childhood, right through my teens up until present, aged 22.
Im looking to lose a HUGE amount of weight, eventually 135lb, but putting this into baby steps, 12 - 14 pounds every 2 months: about 2lbs a week.

SO...I was wanting to know, from all you those more experienced than me; TIPS! I study full time with 12-14hour shifts on weekends so I used to quickly grab junk and convenient food which would see me through to my next break.

I'm doing well on the diet side at the moment, but I think my calories may be TOO low now! I was calculating what I was eating and it worked out 2500-3000 per day, and now I'm eating proper food, I'm barely hitting 1000.
Is this good? Or bad?

Serious help needed over here! These forums may just be my saviour

PS...lovely to meet all you guys in advance
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