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welcome to FitDay, and don't get discouraged by what seems to be lack of support. This forum is just like any other forum, the OP (Original Poster aka, the person that started the thread) will get the bulk of the attention. Some people will reply to others in the thread as well but the main focus will usually be on the OP (unless it's a group type thread, which Cassie recommended to you).

Usually the OP will also be the one to reply the most in their own thread, since the majority of the people are focused on that one person... as use see here. As said earlier, don't take it personal, that's just how it works.

Now if a thread becomes THJ (Thread Hi-Jacked) then that would be a different situation. That would be, for example, if you started a thread telling us your story and some one else posted about something unrelated and the focus then turned to the other person and spins out of control.
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