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Default So it begins...

Hello everybody,
Just saying hello and I look forward to losing some of this weight.

I wonder if anybody can help me, I have a question or two.

I know that the best weight loss results come from eating less and exercising more. I have a bit of a problem with the latter unfortunately, not because I can't bring myself to do it, rather I basically can't do it.
I have a breathing problem which makes me feel very out of breath. Even at rest, I have to take big gulps of breath and constantly feel 'unsatisfied' - the feeling is a bit like trying to get over a hill with each breath: sometimes you make it and sometimes you don't. This makes intensive exercise basically impossible.

I've seen a few people who have basically told there is nothing physically wrong with me, but that it's a psychological thing with my breathing pattern being 'out of sync' with my oxygen debt. I am doing the exercises that were given to me but have been told it will almost certainly take several months before I'm back to normal.

While I am basically ok doing 'easy' exercises like walking, hardcore cardio stuff is impossible. And because it seems that only the 'easy' exercise options are available for me, I would have to be spending a disproportionate amount doing to them to get much benefit.

So I was just looking for some advice on how best to proceed. There is a limit to how much walking I can do in a day, both because of time constraints and because, well, 2 hours of walking (even with music) seems an awfully long time.

I am determined to get exercising again, both as a symbol of a change in lifestyle and for the actual benefits. But what to do? It seems ludicrous for someone of my size (6"1, 115KG / 250 LBS) to start doing calisthenics without doing the cardio, but if that will help me loose weight (rather than just putting on muscle) then so be it. Does anybody have any thoughts? I would be grateful for any ideas people might have.

p.s. sorry to keep on asking for things, but i have one more! I used the Harris Benedict equation to determine that my resting calorie expenditure is 2373. The site I used said, however, that this equation over-estimates for the 'very fat'. Can anybody shed any light on whether this applies to me, and if so, what a more realistic figure would be. My BMI is 33.3 (ouch!). Thanks again
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