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Default No support so far

I was so excited to find this free site that offered so many tools necessary for my weight loss journey. However I posted twice in response to someone elses posts and I haven't received any replies or encouragement yet. I am either doing something wrong and do not understand how to work a forum
(all this is new to me). So instead of letting it discourage me I thought I would start my on "thread" and see if that helps. There is alot of encouragement being given out and it could truly be a great tool to help someone who is trying to lose 100lbs in a year. I am trying this year to not let discouragement defeat me so this is how I will fight it... head on.

Starting over 1/4/11 227lbs
after week 1 224.2 lbs yeah
lose 100 lbs by my 50th birthday 1/5/2012
"Choose Joy"
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