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I guess going in to this whole thing I knew better than to hope for the body of a supermodel. But all the same I too have been disappointed on a few occasions when I was good for days on end and had little to show for it. I find what helps is to set other goals rather than just how I look or what the scale says, just little challenges to keep me going. For example we bought an elliptical and I would challenge myself to use it longer and at a higher pace or a different setting. And not little increases but larger ones that take time and persistence. When we bought it I could go for 20-25 minutes max, and so I pushed myself until I could go for an hour. Now I'm training for a 10K in May. I also like to buy the occasional piece of clothing that is too small, and I keep trying it on until one day it fits. If you spend all your time standing around waiting to look like Kate Moss, sooner or later you'll need some professional help eh? Be patient with yourself, it'll come.
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