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when i first start a new fitness regime i really don't look at the big picture because i hurt, feel exhausted and am filled with, well to be honest, self pity.
i start to reason out of doing the new activity or not eating what i am craving- it all seems so hard, and its going to take so long.

What i do is say "2 weeks i am going to throw myself into this and really stick to it, regardless of how i am feeling- then if i want to stop doing it then i will, but not before" And i mean it!!!
By the end of the 2 weeks I am preliminarily over pain or getting use to the new food list and infact loving it.

If at some later time i feel like i want to give up again i repeat the statement but change something (activity)- I call it my 2 week cooling off period!!Ha ha ha

Focus on yourself too and recognise why you are feeling certain ways and above all be honest with yourself- i mean for me i say - oh god i am hurting so much - i am too old to do this stuff- no one else does it- i am stupid for doing this- etc etc....... I have to stop myself thinking that and say yes i am hurting because i have been lazy and pathetic but i am not that anymore- and mean it!!!

So what do you think? 2 weeks is not that far away.......

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