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Originally Posted by GDay2011 View Post
Cheers Michael

I've not eaten during day 2 times now but gorged a bit when getting home, also I drunk this weekend so I assume the 3lbs I lost last week will be back on this time tomorrow, so to smash a positive week next week I'll start my fast after my steak and veg dinner tonight and see through til at least friday evening. Also no booze this week.

Fingers crossed eh!?
No booze!

Ha ha--yeah, I've had to scale WAY back--just too many calories, and it keeps the liver busy with the alcohol instead of processessing fat. Plus, I found out the hard way that losing 100+ pounds will cut way back on your tolerance. Drank two half gallons of my favorite micro brew at camp back in November, started the third and the next thing I knew I was face down on the table.

Three days should be good--really about the shortest fasts I've done were around a week. I know Jason is right into the 24 hour thing (I know, I know, it's not "one meal a day") and I see the merit in that, but with all due respect, doesn't seem like "real" fasting, if you see what I mean.

Let us know how it goes--you just might feel so good you want to keep going.

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