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Default Oh right... more freezing stuff in the south

Thanks for the correction CJ. I see that you have been kind of cooped up for a while. Are you and yours OK with the horrid weather?

Southern California has gotten a break from our rains. We got about a year's worth in 1 week over the holidays. Out where I am there was some spotty damage. One of the major roads in our neighborhood had a huge sink hole open up due to an undersized culvert that ran under the road. It couldn't handle the amount of water gushing down the arroyo. Water is very interesting in SoCal - much like Australia. The "streams" are dry much of the year, but when they fill, they often flood.

The eastern Sierras, where I spent most of the holidays (we have 2 houses) got waaay more snow than ever before - broke all kinds of records. Our house is a couple thousand feet lower that the ski area (Mammoth Lakes) and although we do get some snow every winter, nothing like the 5 feet we collected in the week around Christmas.

It has been a lu-lu globally and I bet it isn't over yet.

I hope every stays safe and protected.

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