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What's what the husbands hu?! yes we love them to death but its just so unfair they just eat whatever the heck they want and oh maybe gain a couple pounds where (in my case) I just THINK about eating something like he is and I gain weight

I told my husband that I'm no longer going to drink soda and eat candy/sweets and his response "that's good, im still going to eat it" *sigh* maybe in time he'll drop eating and drinking the stuff as well maybe lose his beer gut? Oh wishful thinking as of now

I'm just glad I found this site even by accident. I was adding in more detail today and its just a bit weird how they have this set up. Kind of a pain to get to your public page or I just haven't found the easiest way.

Well to us all We've already made up our minds that we are sick of being fat/overweight/fluffy HOWEVER we've been saying it and we're ready to make a change and that's a good deal of the battle. Good luck everyone and stay motivated!

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