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Smile Checking in..

Hey all.

Thought I should say a quick hello to everyone.

My story started about 8 years ago. I was back from backpacking around the world and decided to lose weight. I joined this site and managed to lose about 6 stone over the course of 9 months.. it just fell off.

I used the site to work out food and activity, started cycling and weights and really really enjoyed it. I remember thinking how easy it all was, and loved the confidence I had.

Then I started a job where I was on the road a lot, and things just went downhill and I started to put the weight back on.. was hard to eat healthily when buying lunch from petrol stations and the exercise pretty much stopped. I then got married and comfortable and, whilst I am happy, the weight has crept back and more.

I've not got a BMI of over 40 and have decided that I need to do something, and now. I'm 31 and know that it's only going to get harder the longer I leave it.

My plan is to
Reduce calorie intake to approx 1500cals / day.
40 mins exercise per day.
Strict portion control.
Re-educate myself about food and log everything that I eat.
Measure my success - has to be the best motivation.

I'm skint at the moment, so no money for gyms/pool but its really hilly where I live, so brisk walking up the hills should be good to start with.

My mistake the last time was to think that the weight loss was a destination and that I could stop when I got there.. actually it's a journey that will never end (not that that's a bad thing) and I'm looking forward to starting out.

Off for that walk now.
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