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Default Food choices

Thanks for the feedback! I honestly have always tried to bring nutritious food into my home. I haven't had a microwave in over 10 years and all of the food that comes out of my kitchen is home made. The problem isn't snacks and whatnot, it's the food choices that I personally make for myself. On average the food that the kids eat looks like this:

Breakfast : 2 whole grain pancakes w/natural syrup (water)
Lunch: PB+Honey with Adam's PB on whole grain bread (sans additives + HF corn syrup), mini carrots w/ranch and cut up apples
Dinner: curried chicken over rice, green salad, (bread of some kind)

That would be a typical day at my house. It varies of course and the kids need more "fats" than I do, so I find myself constantly making food...just not eating it. I have changed that about myself in the past couple of weeks and I have honestly noticed a huge difference in my mood/energy levels.
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