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Hey Ladies!

I'm hoping to join in too! I'm a full time graduate student and I've basically let school, late study nights, and a horrible diet soda addiction take over my life. I joined fitday, and then ignored it for months, moping around about needing to lose weight rather than actually doing anything about it. I've now been soda free for almost two months, and I'm planning on starting to go to the gym at school as soon as our semester starts up again next week.

I'm all for finding people to hold me accountable! I agree with Meekness, once weekly weigh-ins could be a great idea, as well as food-log sharing...I think I might be much less likely to cheat if everyone would see I cheated!

edit: also forgot to mention I'm looking at losing around 40, but I figure that's close enough to fifty to participate, yeah?

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