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We lost my mother in law to cancer in August. She was just diagnosed in december 2009. It was really hard because she delt with depression a lot and wanted grandkids so bad. she was just 49. she was so strong in her faith (when things were going good) but sometimes when things got hard it was as if she thought that God had left her. It didn't seem right that someone that God had given words of prophecy to he would take like that. I am grateful that she didn't have to suffer as long as some. But it still sucked, you know. We were thankful in a way that she is where she wanted to be now, with her family that had passed before. But it has been a dark time for the family you know. A lot of stress. we had been doing well on the Body for Life-esque plan that i was doing, but that week it got us totally out of the routine and fell back into bad habits.
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