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Well, my husband (who is so wonderful) also has bad eating habits. He was raised mostly by a single dad who was a meat cutter so they had meat and potatoes every he hates veggies. he is probably a little overweight but i'd say by no means obese. it is so frustrating to want to enjoy your life and have fun with your kids (or have kids in my case) and not be able to. or not be able to how you want to. it seems sometimes like you will never get where you are going. but you can. I am a Christian, and I have really started asking for God's help with this too, i believe that he wants what is best for us and will help with anything if we ask him to.

yeah i think that it woudl be good to be weight loss buddies. i really don't know how to use this much as far as subscribing to your links and stuff, do you?
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