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Originally Posted by Tsuli View Post
I'm new here as well and I have 120 lbs to lose. I am diabetic and having a heck of a time getting my weight down. I bought the south beach diet book as
I was told its a good one for me to lose weight. I just found out I am diabetic not long ago.. So hard as I am a senior with a bad back and bad knee so its hard to do exercise.. I admire all you with your success stories!!
Great to have you here!

I know exercise is tough with medical issues. Due to being "super obese" (just found out about that in some reading--always thought I was simply "morbidly obese"--I moved up in the world, I guess ) I have back problems, knee problems, ankle problems--you get the picture.

It was really a few months into this new lifestyle that I could actually do much exercise. As important as exercise is for your health, keeping track of your calories is more important for weight loss. When you're at the point you can do both, it's even better. So, don't dispare--you'll lose weight even with zero/low exercise--possibly just not as fast. And once you've lost a few pounds you'll find it much easier to get in some form of exercise.

I think South Beach and the Zone seem like reasonable eating plans. I don't personally subscribe to a particular "diet" but stick with foods that work for me. As far as weight loss is concerned, in general, "calories are king"--if you eat less than you burn, you'll lose weight. The trick is finding an eating plan that will let you keep a good calorie deficeit yet keep you feeling "full" enough that you can stick to it.


PS You hear all the time about people no longer being diabetic after weight loss--I bet shedding that extra 120 might even "cure" you--we can hope, anyway!
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