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Originally Posted by kmovoilet View Post
You can do it! I have read the Body for Life Book. I currently checked it out form the libary. I may be intrested in doing it. The only down fall with it is I cant seem to stay with the HITT long enough. I need to talk myself into doing it for the 20 minutes. I also I think the protien shakes make me gain weight instead of losing the weight.
I wouldn't worry about the HITT. Just go as hard as you're comfortable with. That's the beauty of BFL, HITT is different levels for everyone. Stay within your target heart range and you will be fine. Honestly I never push myself to the point of exhaustion. That is just overkill, IMO. And you don't have to do the shakes or any other suppliments either. Only a good quality multi-vitamin.

There is also a BFL womens board yahoo group. Link removed I haven't checked into it in a long while. I am following the dumb bell exercises in the book and for cardio, I am walking. Eventually I want to start running and will do the couch-to-5k program. Have a good bit of weight to lose first, gotta be kind to these 40 yr old knees!
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